We all want to be extraordinary parents but, let’s face it, in this crazy digital 24/7 day and age, sometimes we are just ordinary parents.  And that’s ok.  Parenting is hard.  The hardest job that I’ve ever had. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I love my three little rascals, even when I’m too tired to think. 

I am sharing experiences as a parent that I hope you find honest, relatable and real.  I want to create a no judgement community of parents who support each other, know that we are all trying to figure out this journey without an owner’s manual, be each other’s shoulders to lean on during the hard times, always be there to lift each other up and know that sometimes just getting through the day is the best we can do.   

I want it to be a place for others to share as well so email me at julie@theordinarymom.com if you want to do a guest blog.